Search the web,
Save the planet.
We use our profits from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Install free browser extension and plant trees with us.
It is easy peasy
Set #PlantTrees your default search engine
Add #PlantTrees extension to your browser and search everything on #PlantTrees. It takes 10 seconds only to install.
Do your daily search on #PlantTrees
#PlantTrees, like any other search engine, earns money from advertisements displayed next to the search results.
Save The Planet
We donate 80% of our profits to tree planting.
To prove we are 100% serious about this project, monthly financial reports and planting receipts will be updated to you.
We can make a difference
You search the web, we plant trees. Save our Planet
Here are general and technical questions about PlantTrees.
  • How was PlantTrees born?
    We are facing enormous challenges of climate change. Greenhouse effects and extremely harsh weather events are becoming more complicated, partially because of tree loss. In 2020 August, the World Health Organization confirmed COVID-19 breakout has infected more than 21 million cases and claimed more than 761,799 of lives.
    Our sustainability goals have been challenged.
    The team has been working in the digital marketing industry, wondering why we are doing this job for no community purpose but making a living.
    We see the power of the Internet towards the community and how forests protect our lives on a big scale. The idea of the PlantTrees search engine was born.
  • How does PlantTrees monetize?
    PlantTrees monetization is from clicks on the advertisements above and beside the search results.
    Google, our partner, pays PlantTrees for every click on an ad.
    80% of our profit will be used for tree planting. 
  • How does the PlantTrees search engine work?
    Like any other search engines, PlantTrees helps you search your queries based on your “keyword”.
    Search results are from Bing, our partner.
    If you type the keywords on your searching bar and submit it, PlantTrees will look for and crawl through its index to give you relevant results.
  • How can I trust PlantTrees search results?
    You get everything you’ve come to expect.
    Search results are from Bing, one of the most popular and trustworthy search engines. Bing is highly used in the US coming after Google.
    You are also protected with encrypted connections.
  • What technology does PlantTrees use to protect my information?
    We force unsecured sites to use a secure HTTPS connection so you know your data is protected.
    This prevents hackers and other undesirables from attacking you.
    Read more at Privacy.