Changes results to be region specific
Changes the language across the entire site
Safe Search
Omits objectionable (mostly adult) material
Show suggestions under the search box as you type
Open Links in a New Tab
Opens results in new windows/tabs
Units of Measure
Preferred units of measure
Open Directions in...
Which third party source to use for directions
Map Rendering
The rendering method to use for interactive maps
Page Break #'s
Show page numbers at result page breaks
Page Break Lines
Show horizontal lines at result page breaks
Install PlantTrees
Show links to instructions for how to add PlantTrees to your browser
Show occasional reminders to add PlantTrees to your browser
Privacy Newsletter
Show sign up form for the PlantTrees privacy newsletter
Show occasional reminders to sign up for the PlantTrees privacy newsletter
Homepage Privacy Tips
Show the privacy benefits of using PlantTrees on the homepage
Help Improve PlantTrees
It's okay to (very infrequently) ask me about my experience using PlantTrees
Cloud Save
Save your settings anonymously to the cloud
Save Cloud Settings
Choose a unique pass phrase for your settings:
Suggest a pass phrase
Load Cloud Settings
Enter your pass phrase to load your settings:
Show Bookmarklet and Settings Data

Bookmarklet URL:

Settings in JSON:

Cookie Data:


By default settings are stored in non-personal browser cookies (in your browser). You can use Anonymous Cloud Save to store your settings in a more permanent way (on a remote server in the cloud). No personally identifiable information will be stored in the cloud, and your pass phrase will never leave your browser.

Reset All Settings
This will erase all settings. Continue?